Sunday, December 7, 2008


Finally, after everyone asking our website it up and running. A big thanks goes out to Wilson who helped get the site going. Check it out and look for updates on the wedding, photos, and blogs. Hope you all enjoy it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Prayer Answered

Today after running around like a maniac completing 1,001 errands, I received a special surprise via the postal service. The Common Wealth of Kentucky sent me a letter. To my delight is was my teaching certificate for their state. I was in complete shock, not less than two weeks ago I sent out my application to gain my certificate. After reading and rereading it again to make sure my precious eyes(and by precious I mean strained) weren't playing games on me, in pure excitement I forgot there was a table in front of me and managed to bang my knee on the way up of my leap. Of course my brother and mother currently watching a "stupid" movie turned and shhhhhed me. I tried to show my mother who wasn't having it, my certificate, only to be turned away.  No one was around to share in my pure joy, so here I sit writing to my fellow readers, in hopes of someone understanding my happiness. 

On another note: The Lord is great! How often I forget what he is capable of doing. Not only did it take the State of Florida 2 months to mail me a letter from my file, they hassled me about getting it done. The Lord heard my prayers as he always has and made it possible for the Common Wealth of Kentucky to process my paperwork in a jippy. Lately, as many already know, I've been stressed out about gaining a job in Louisville once Rey and I are married. Our struggling economy only increases my fears. I was blessed once with my current job which truly was a miracle from the Lord. Leaving at times seems crazy, but I know its time for me to make a new mark somewhere else. Please continue to pray for Rey and I as we embark on marriage and starting a new life together.