Friday, February 22, 2008

Louisville Weekend

Was greeted by Rey in the airport
Had lunch at a Texas restaurant (in Louisville go figure)
Put Rey's sofa together while he attempted to drop it on me
Got a campus tour (loved the campus quad; "thought of streaking through the quad"-Old School)
Got ready for our Valentine's dinner
Ate at Ruth Chris (Gorgeous view of the city)
Watched Juno-loved the one liners great movie
Enjoyed each others company and caught up with everything


Went to the Louisville Slugger Museum 
Beat Rey in the batting cages
Took a tour of the Ohio River and Louis &Clark Explorers
Went to Churchill Downs (Kentucky Derby)
Saw my first miniature horse (Hairy one at that)
Ventured into Indiana not a great idea
Had desert with Rey's cousin Rene and his wife Julie (great laughs)


Visited Nineth & O (nice service)
Checked out two malls (odd part they are less than 1 mile apart) 
Went back to church this time at Sojurn (very interesting; zealish so to speak)
Watched about a boy 


I took a self tour of Louisville without the Garmin (never got lost once)
Met back up with Rey after he studied and decided to kill time and see a movie
Made our trip to the Airport (wasn't ready to leave)
Cried yet again couldn't stop the tears but this time I was leaving him
*I had a wonderful time this past weekend. I'm very thankful for the time we got share and I'm looking forward to seeing him again.
*Forgot to mention: Louisville has this strange fetish of art work around the city of painted horses. Check it out. Photos of our weekend

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Game of Tag

This week's small group study got me thinking about life’s fears that hinder our ability to live out God’s plan for our lives. The question that still lingers in my mind is: Do you chase fear or does fear chase you?

In my life fear and I are always playing a game of tag you’re it. Just when I think that I’ve finally tagged fear and won, it has a funny way of tagging me right back. Unfortunately, it's much quicker than I am. I tend to fear the typical things such as death, failure, disappointment etc.

The reason I believe that fear and I continually play this chasing game is simple: I ALLOW IT! I tend to sulk in my misfortunes, problems, and struggles. Satan constantly wants us to be reminded of our failures time and time again. If we continually focus on the negative then its one less time we are focusing our eyes on the Lord. A small victory for Satan that can potentially lead to landslide sweep.

God puts is simply for us GRACE. He has provided for those of us who have accepted his amazing gift of grace, forgiveness, and salvation.

So what can we do to officially tag out fear?

Scripture is there for a reason, applying it to your life tends to be the difficult part. For example, Romans 12:2 keeps appearing regularly lately and yet I constantly struggle with sulking.

“Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of  your mind” (Rm 12:2)

The Lord has many blessings and opportunities for our lives, its up to us to accept them. However, how can we accept them if we are constantly dwelling on the negative and allowing fear to win our battles.

I’ll end with this James 4:7;

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

*Alex great job this week, Anne Marie you were missed!



Sunday, February 3, 2008


About a month or so ago my lovely closet decided to give out on me. After putting it off for some time I finally decided that this weekend was it. Time to take on my closet. My weekend pretty much looked liked this:

Friday Night:
Placed all clothes fromt he floor into my parents room
Knocked down form closet supports (quite fun, great way to relieve stress)
Made a Home Depot run for supplies
Patched up holes in the wall

Got up no breakfast went to work
Sanded the walls down
Went to Home Depot again for paint
Painted the closet
Went to the county dump to get rid of the old closet parts
Began assembling the closet
Had to stop and go pick up my dad from the airport
Drilled countless holes (in which one went through the living room wall..will fix later)
Started to install the closet
Still havent eaten anything its now 6:30 pm
Quickly took a shower
Went to Artie's 50th Birthday party (finally ate)
Came home around 9:30pm
Continued to work on closet
Finished assembling all extras 12:00am

Woke up missed church (However I did church online, Mosaic)
Began putting clothes back into the closet
Continued on rearranging closet
Anally placed things in color order
Finish closet
Showered went to Rey's for the Superbowl
Left Rey's to meet up with Yannick for his Birthday in Coral Gables
Watched the Giants win (Made a complete fool of myself in the restuarant screaming)
Finally got home to rela and of course fix minor things.

All in all it was a very productive weekend, and I'm proud of my beautiful closet. Now all I need is a little R&R to make it through my long and hetic week.

Maravilhas de Amazonas

My father just got back from a two week trip in Brazil. He spent the first week doing missions work in Manuas and then he spent the last week with my family in Rondonia. He took a picture of these two rivers that run side by side of each other. I know it doesn't sound interesting, however, one river is brownish and the other black, and yet they don't mix. I've heard about this river from my family but have never had the chance to see it up close. Check it out...its pretty cool!