Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rainbow of Havaianas

Last Thursday my mother returned from a months trip in Brazil, and of course she came baring gifts. Seeing that this was the third year of her missing my birthday, she owed me huge. I know you're thinking giving birth to me was enough, but in my book...wrong. (Just kidding) 

Now if anyone knows me, other than food and sleep, wearing my Havaianas is the next best thing. So every time someone I know travels to Brazil I politely ask for a pair of Havaianas. So when my mother went she knew exactly what to get me, and boy did she ever. The color of the rainbow is what she brought back.  The best I have a pair for any outfit. Check it out.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Year!

Rey and I celebrated our one year anniversary on the 21st of this month.  I couldn't believe how quickly time pasted, it's true the older you get the quicker time goes by. This past year has been a great one full of laughter, quality time, vacations, hard times (long distance), and best of all the LOVE. Thank you Rey for making our first year a memorable and I look forward to many more.

This summer the both of us having been really busy, it seemed like we had something planned every weekend. Thank goodness for ical. We've celebrated birthdays, movie openings, and spent time with friends. The down side is that we haven't been able to spend as much quality time with each other. So we decided to get away from our area and travel far away to celebrate our anniversary. Lincoln Road was our distant travel (gas prices= determining factor) we got a chance to sit down and enjoy each others company. We made it a point to turn off our cells phones and focus on one another. One of my favorite things about our relationship is the time we spending sharing things, talking, and listening. Thankfully we got a chance to do all to the point that we almost forgot to refill the meter. Thank you to all our friends who wished us a Happy Anniversary, we have loved having you share in our relationship. 

Ten days later the time has come as good friends of ours Alex, Kristel, and Anne Marie will be leaving us. I will miss them very much, but I know that God has a wonderful plan in store for each of them. Plus with all the upcoming weddings = short visits with them. I can't think of a better way to see them, other than partying it up at a wedding. I love you guys...see you soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My beautiful mother has been in Brazil visiting family for the past month now. I've been missing her like crazy, but thankfully we've kept in touch via phone but mostly through email. So I decided to email her about my birthday and how everything went. Instead of writing a long winded email I told her to read my blog. Being the supportive mother that she is, not only did she read it she wrote me back a comment via my email here it is:

Dear Lauren, a read your blog, but only one little thing is missing I bilieved a call to you early that day before everybody. love mom

What it should of said: Dear Lauren, I read your blog, but only one little thing was missing, I believe I was the first to call you early on your birthday before everybody else. love mom

I about died laughing reading and rereading the email. You see one of the things I love most about my mother is her "isms" or Ana"isms". You'd think that it was just her inability to write, but that's where your wrong my mother actually speaks like that, just add a somewhat strong Brazilian accent to it. Reading her email only made me miss her and love her even more. Funny thing is now you can see where I get it from...hopefully you enjoyed the laugh as much as I did.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Surprise Birthday Weekend

Friday morning was my 26th birthday and for some odd reason my body decided to wake up at the crack of dawn. All summer long I've been enjoying sleeping in till at least 10ish, but for some reason my body was more excited to be a year older than I was. Thankfully there was a wonderful surprise awaiting me. While I was waiting for everyone else in the world to wake up I managed to speak to Rey on ichat. Of course he wished me a happy birthday but successfully convinced me that he was at work. Little did I know that Anne and him were on their way to my house to surprise me. They took me to the best breakfast place ever..Original Pancake House( true goodness) if you don't agree, than I'm sorry you have horrible taste...I kid. Over breakfast the two of them revealed their weekend plans. They were taking me to Orlando to see Cirque du Soleil  La Nouba and Aquatica along with some friends of mine. 

Seeing that it was 7/11 free slurpees were in order which I gladly insisted on getting before we left. Not only did we receive free slurpees but we also got free food at Chick-fil- A. Only catch was we had to dress up like cows. So in good spirits we put on our best cow outfits and walked in their proudly. Thankfully we were greeted with loud cheers and was like they knew it was my day...I got free dessert plus a child's balloon. Being 26 was looking so bad after all. 

That night Anne introduced all of us to HuHot Mongolian Grill...all I have to say it was Glorious! Rey then whisked me off to Downtown Disney to see my favorite Cirque. I felt like a little kid on Christmas...I couldn't stop smiling. It really was A.D.D. at its finest for me. After the show we got a chance to spend some quality time with each other which I enjoyed thoroughly. The others decided to party it up at City Walk Universal. I heard that David got his groove on thanks to Anne and Merari. 

The next day we got a slow start seeing that we all had a late night out. Instead of leaving the hotel at 9am we slowly strolled out by a astonishing time of 10:05 am. I was really looking forward to Sea World's new water park Aquatica. Not only did they have my favorite ride, the lazy river (yep doesn't take much to please me), they had a rapids river what more could I ask for. So we arrive at Aquatica only to read the sign "filled to capacity will reopen at 3pm." WHAT!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes nor could anyone else. I honestly think Uribe was most disappointed, I heard he really pushed this particular theme park. Since we couldn't attend Aquatic we decided to head over to Blizzard Beach since nobody else but David and myself were the only ones who had been there before. We had a great time... Anne's facial expressions summed it up perfectly. A little cold rain and wind couldn't keep us back from celebrating my birthday.

On our drive home I had a chance to reflect on this wonderful occasion. I was thankful God gave me another year of life to enjoy, and such great friends and family around to experience things with. I am so grateful to Rey, Anne, Merari, Yan, and David for taking time out to spend with me. Alex & Kristel you were missed but I completely understand why. Thank you so much for my gift the card was the best part. Val and Berto I'm sorry you weren't able to attend due to technical difficulties (its what we'll call it) you both were missed as well. To everyone else thank you for the many birthday wishes, keeping secrets, and presents in order to make my birthday truly a memorable one. 

Rey- Thank You, there is not much more that I can say other than I love you. I look forward to many more celebrations to come. 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

All Things American

While out and about this holiday weekend I took notice of things that truly signify All-American.

1 Best of all American rock songs 105.9

2. 4th of July concerts

3. Apple pie

4. Watching fireworks

5. Eating fried chicken with your fingers!

6. Enjoying star shaped cookies

7. Grown men dressed head to toe in the American flag

8. Spelling words things with sparklers

9. Drinking Apple Cider

10. Fishing

11. Playing board games with family

12. Parades on t.v.

13. Spending quality time with friends and family

14. Small flags everywhere

15. Uncle Sam on stilts

Sadly this wonderful weekend came to a close but I'm glad it was packed with fun filled activities. Thanks to everyone especially Alex for saving the 4th.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kids and their Reasoning

This video crack me up everytime. I finally decided to post if after several friends request. Hope you get a kick out of it.