Friday, September 14, 2007


It just dawned on me how little things in life can bring me such happiness. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to get inside a women’s heart or at least not mine. Simple things are typically better off than some overly exaggerated thought out gift especially if it goes over my head. Which by the way doesn’t take much…one second I’m right there and the next I’m gone. Poof just like that… seriously it’s like my mind has no control over my selective hearing and concentration.

Last night I had the opportunity to just swing back and relax. Now I know you’re wondering there goes Lauren’s selectiveness and how easy it is to get off track. You see my two closest friends Valerie and Berto bought me a swing set for my 25th birthday. They understand how such a child like gift brings great joy to my life. I light up like a child on Christmas every time I see a swing…I just can’t resist, some odd gravitational force comes over me.

So as I laid on my swing set last night swinging away in pure bliss, I realized how small things can change my mood. When I’m having a bad day or just an average time items like: dark chocolate, light touches (coqitas), naps, sweet gestures, and simple “thinking of you” messages make my day. As I was pondering through the list I noticed my lips started to curl up and form this funny smile. It was as though a puppeteer was pulling on the strings attached to the corners of my lips in order to get me to perform. Ahh…the simplicities of life enough said!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A moment of Fame

Today a star was born. Actually not even close, I had a small moment in the spotlight on television. Now mind you it wasn’t the top network or the hit TV show, but inside my head the paparazzi was out snapping my photo and the crowds where shouting my name. The funny part is I was a mere extra in piece to a puzzle. My school was being recognized for our accomplishments from last year. For which I’m truly thankful for seeing how much weight I lost during the countless hours of running around getting things done, and the sweat poured out trying to make impossible deadlines happen. So to my astonishment we were asked downtown to the school board meeting. It was there where the magic began and my moment of fame took rise. Lights, Camera, Action, and there I was in the background of my students on channel who knows what smiling and shaking hands with school board members. Snap! Just like that I became a star. Interestingly enough like most moments of fame it ends without a minutes warning. It was at the end of the day and I was crossing the street with my fellow colleagues laughing and waving to all the fans while stopping to pose for pictures that I almost got struck by a car. And there it would have been front page news of the Herald “Glory and Tragedy all in one Day.”

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Time Well Spent

Wow…I finally took some time to unwind today and man, was it needed. It’s the first time in a really long while, if you haven’t noticed by my absence in the blog world. Things have been insanely busy between work and a hundred other activities. As if I don’t have enough on my plate I always seem to add something new. Apparently I’m like a kid in a candy store who thinks everything is appealing and can’t say no.

Thanks to the many talks by Rey and Anne Marie, I have finally been convinced of my madness and how I’m going to burn myself out. Of course in my stubborn mind, I’m thinking I can do anything and I’ll show them how wrong they are (or in Rey’s words: stick it to the man).

I was beginning to look like hells fury had taken over me. So I decided to cancel practice with just one rain cloud lingering overhead and to top if off I left early from work. That rain cloud however, disappeared within an hour. Oh well, it was nice catching up with Anne Marie over a late lunch. I was remembering how much I missed our witty banter. Laughter is absolutely contagious and I can’t get enough of it. You see I’m making a case without even realizing it (and…there’s the point). After an amusing time, we went back to my house to relax and work. Yes! That’s right work. It seems to follows me everywhere, even after I tried to denounce my workaholic tendencies a moment ago. Thankfully we found time to fool around (…that’s what she said) and get things accomplished at the same time. The sad part about today is: that it will be another 6 weeks before I even think about clearing my schedule on a moment’s whim. In the meantime, I will try to update everyone on my many thousands of activities.