Sunday, December 7, 2008


Finally, after everyone asking our website it up and running. A big thanks goes out to Wilson who helped get the site going. Check it out and look for updates on the wedding, photos, and blogs. Hope you all enjoy it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Prayer Answered

Today after running around like a maniac completing 1,001 errands, I received a special surprise via the postal service. The Common Wealth of Kentucky sent me a letter. To my delight is was my teaching certificate for their state. I was in complete shock, not less than two weeks ago I sent out my application to gain my certificate. After reading and rereading it again to make sure my precious eyes(and by precious I mean strained) weren't playing games on me, in pure excitement I forgot there was a table in front of me and managed to bang my knee on the way up of my leap. Of course my brother and mother currently watching a "stupid" movie turned and shhhhhed me. I tried to show my mother who wasn't having it, my certificate, only to be turned away.  No one was around to share in my pure joy, so here I sit writing to my fellow readers, in hopes of someone understanding my happiness. 

On another note: The Lord is great! How often I forget what he is capable of doing. Not only did it take the State of Florida 2 months to mail me a letter from my file, they hassled me about getting it done. The Lord heard my prayers as he always has and made it possible for the Common Wealth of Kentucky to process my paperwork in a jippy. Lately, as many already know, I've been stressed out about gaining a job in Louisville once Rey and I are married. Our struggling economy only increases my fears. I was blessed once with my current job which truly was a miracle from the Lord. Leaving at times seems crazy, but I know its time for me to make a new mark somewhere else. Please continue to pray for Rey and I as we embark on marriage and starting a new life together.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day 2008

It's Veteran's Day and I'm of course spending it running errands. Currently, I am waiting at the Toyota dealership while my car is getting serviced. I must say I love being here, yep I said it...its out there. The people here are so pleasant and eager to please, they offer free internet, and not only is it clean but the waiting area is comfortable. It's nice to know that there are some places left in Miami where clients are treated as they should be red carpet and all. If anyone is in the market for buying a car, might I suggest buying  in the Toyota/Lexus family solely for the purpose of receiving their excellent customer service. 

On another note, I would like to say Thank You to all the US Veterans and to those who are currently serving in our armed forces. My family has a rich history of veterans, my grandfather was part of WWII . My brother and I loved hearing the many stories that my grandfather would tell us. Not to long ago he was published in a book with others from his Marine Regimen, in which they shared their stories of war. On my mother's side her father served in the Brazilian Military, but unfortunately I never got a chance to hear any of this many stories. I have had multiple relatives and close friends serve in many of our wars including this current one. 

My thoughts and many prayers go out to all those in past and
 present wars. If it weren't for those many men and women our country would not be what it is today. I take much pride in our current country, and look forward to what our new President Elect Obama has for our every changing government. I know that the Lord is truly in charge and have faith that things will be under control.

God Bless to all, and especially to our Armed Forces to whom we as a country salute today.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

08 Election

My voting experience was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Although, I waited in line for and hour and half it went by quickly. I do not know if it was the iphone movie  (hard days night; Beatles) or the fact that the poll workers where pleasant and helpful. Water was given out constantly and workers were organized and efficient. Unlike last time where chaos and trouble shooting with the new system ran havoc. At least workers explained how to use the system and gave out sample
 ballots in order to speed along the process. I'm proud to say I've completed my civic duty and I hope all of you who can vote do so. 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Verdict Is....

Who should I vote for....

Or should it be....

You decide.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wedding Planning 101

Its been about two weeks now since I got engaged, and boy has it been non stop. All of a sudden more work is piling up on top of trying to budget a wedding. Everyone has said its fun planning a wedding you will love it. Lies I tell you simply just lies. Since being engaged I've had to travel around Miami looking at churches, reception sites, and picking a date. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions is what I'm constantly dealing with. I keep on tell Rey that once we can decided on a church and reception site I will feel so much better. Hopefully by then end of this week it will all be done. I will keep you posted plus Rey has created us a lovely wedding website once its finished I will place the link up. Till then pray that all goes as planned and under budget. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Engaged & Loving It!

So I know many of you have heard the exciting news that Rey and I are ENGAGED!!!  Anne Marie and him already posted blogs of the moment, but now its my turn to give everyone inside prospective.

Wednesday afternoon I rush home to get things ready for church that evening expecting Anne to help me out. I get out of the shower and notice like 50 missed calls from Anne (ok 5). She informs me that she's down the block at my park with a flat. I quickly throw on some cloths, thankfully it wasn't my usual run out of the house attire (pj pants, and ratty t-shirt) While driving I'm recalling the lessons my father taught me on how
 to replace a flat tire. I jump out of the c
ar walk around the truck twice and nothing. (Thinking) Why would this woman waste my time didn't she know I had things to get done like speak to Rey on ichat in 10 minutes.

After questioning her several times she begins to cry and I'm like what now so I go over to comfort her. She all of a sudden stops crying...but did I pick up on that NOOOO because I was obviously out of it that day. Mind you I pride myself on being on the ball and no one pulling a fast one on me. I was like puddy in their hands. I continually refuse to do anything Anne asks me to do, so she basically says look who's that and points towards Rey. I question him being there and once I got the nod of approval from Anne I was off like a sprinter in the Olympics. While running I contemplated jumping on Rey and finall
y decided just to go for it. Thankfully there was a graceful catch like that in ending scenes of Dirty Dancing.

I kissed him about a thousand times not allowing him to get a word in while thinking to myself why was he so shaky, wasn't he glad to see me. Then o
f course he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Which in turn was action for the water works from my eyes. I was so amazed, shocked, and awed at the same time that all the wonderful things he said went through one ear and out the other. I'm sure I said yes just don'
t remember. Thankfully, Rey was kind enough to tell me later all that he said so that I could remember it for keep sake. 

I still can't believe after watching the video(commentary is quite funny) that I didn't see nor hear Brigitte and Merari in the background the whole time. Seriously I was completely gone...their plan worked and sad to say I was fooled. (of course in an awesome way) Thank you to everyone who helped make this day special. I know many of you knew what was going to happened and managed to keep it secret, so thank you. Rey, I 
excited to be married to you and I can't thank G
od enough for your presence in my life.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aspiring Photographer

Goofing around with Merari last weekend, we had the opportunity to take some silly photo shots. I thought it would be great for her to gain more experience and practice with her photography. The whole time we were laughing and fooling around trying not to draw any any attention to ourselves. However, I mostly was making fun of super models and their ridiculous poses especially when they crawl on the floor pretending to be some furious animal (grrrr.....). I never thought much of the pictures when we left. I told her have fun with them and do as you please. To my delight she really surpassed my expectations. Here I was thinking the whole time this poor child will never get anything beneficial from all my commotions. I must say GREAT JOB!!! I encourage anyone to spend some quality time with this aspiring photographer.

Merari my hat tips off to your tremendous work :) 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Back into the Swing of Things

Like always after every summer comes the adjustment period of getting back into the swing of things. I been trying to get used to the brutal awakening of 6am alarm beeping, 14 hour days that seem to never end, and added on stress levels. I guess in time my body will start to warm up to the idea of functioning before 9 am, seeing that my job kind of depends on my functioning abilities. Till then I am trying out new strategies of getting my body into a routine. I've decided to get myself back into shape, its a trying process in which I am dreading everyday. Thankfully others have more faith in me than I do, which in an odd way motivates me and allows my competitive side to come out. I'm just hoping that I see results soon, cause we all know how patient I am.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Translation Gone Wrong

The other day at work I learned an interesting lesson with languages. You see I can speak and understand portuguese, however my spanish is another story. Here is an example of what  I mean:

Child #1: Como se dice "Free Play" in Espanol?
Me: I don't know let me think (obviously said in spanish)
Child #2: Free Play of course (said sarcastically)

In my head I'm thinking, I know the word for play and free why not give it a try.

Me: Free Play es Juegar Gratis
Child # 2 &3: Haaaaaa....thats not right (as they die of laughter)

So I ask a co-worker of mine who is hispanic what the translation would be since I've already gone wrong. I tell her what I said and she smiled and chuckled slightly. 

Co-worker: Juegar Libre
Child #1: Ay Ok..gracias
Me: Oh that's right, "Free"has more than one translation, of course that was the better option. Lesson learned and noted.

Monday, September 1, 2008

At Last...It's Here!

Saturday while running around with Merari, we came across a favorite little place called Pollo Campero. That was the spot to be while in Guatemala on a missions trip. That's right when it was announced we were heading out on the town that meant Pollo Campero time. Seriously it beats our KFC here in the states. At last it has landed here in Miami of course only in Calle Ocho area, but I'll take it. Anyone who wants to join in on some good eating, just call me up.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

1 Step Forward 2 Steps Back

Today I decided to exercise my civil duty and vote. Wanting to beat the crowds this upcoming Tuesday I read up on the candidates and the new voting system. Might I say this city seems to always be taking the wrong steps. Its like we take one step forward and two big steps backwards. 
  1. We're back to bubbling in our vote. Problem: I know that some individuals will check mark the vote or "X" the spot.
  2. We're adding more paper into the mix. Problem: What happened to our city becoming green.
  3. The is an added process/step in order to vote. Problem: each machine cost thousands of dollars for a wasted system. 
  4. In order to make a correction you must get a new ballot. Problem: First that means wasting more paper and second there was nothing wrong with the finger touch system we used before. You were able to preview your vote on the screen and correct the mistake before pushing the big red vote button.
  5. The last step is scanning your bubbled ballot. Problem: You have to type in a code given (extra step) then wait for the machine to say that everything is ok. If not you can either leave it as is or get a new ballot thus more paper. 
Our county has spent tons of money on a system that can be far more confusing than the old one,  less environmentally friendly, and not time efficient. I think it would of been better if we came up with a system that used our old electronic one with a paper trail added feature. Next thing you know we will have new voting system come this presidential election.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tracking of the Heron

How often do we focus on the negatives of a natural disaster. Today I was enlighten by the beauty that comes with such disasters. To my surprise a white Heron flew into my front yard. Never have I  had a chance to get up close and personal with a heron or any other bird of that matter. I was able to walk behind him and finally get close enough to see him snap a lizard off a tree and eat it. The heron wasn't even shocked how close I was. We exchanged glances or what I would call a slight nod. It was nice to see God's creation in the midst of a storm.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Blockbuster's Feable Attempts to Increase Business

Yesterday while in line at blockbuster Merari and I came across the candy isle. Of course the put the overly priced candy right next you while waiting patiently (aka forever) in line. Apparently, that tactic hasn't been working well enough, so they decided that Cocoa Pete's chocolate would be the solution. I'm wondering, do the university marketing departments teach that moan inducing chocolate would be the answer to plummeting sales?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Slava's Snow Show

The Alves-Daily Family and the De Armas Family experienced Slava's Snow Show this past weekend. My mother happened to catch a glimpse of it on on Globo and thought it would be neat if both our families went to it. So we all ventured out expecting something along the lines of  Cirque du Soleil, but instead we got something completely different.  The show is a mix of clowns focusing on pantomime, crowd involvement, and human reaction. It is a must see event, and experience unlike no other. Rey could not stop laughing at the simplicities of clowns falling out of a chair. Slava has a way of triggering your inner childhood yet adding a feel modernness. 

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rainbow of Havaianas

Last Thursday my mother returned from a months trip in Brazil, and of course she came baring gifts. Seeing that this was the third year of her missing my birthday, she owed me huge. I know you're thinking giving birth to me was enough, but in my book...wrong. (Just kidding) 

Now if anyone knows me, other than food and sleep, wearing my Havaianas is the next best thing. So every time someone I know travels to Brazil I politely ask for a pair of Havaianas. So when my mother went she knew exactly what to get me, and boy did she ever. The color of the rainbow is what she brought back.  The best I have a pair for any outfit. Check it out.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Year!

Rey and I celebrated our one year anniversary on the 21st of this month.  I couldn't believe how quickly time pasted, it's true the older you get the quicker time goes by. This past year has been a great one full of laughter, quality time, vacations, hard times (long distance), and best of all the LOVE. Thank you Rey for making our first year a memorable and I look forward to many more.

This summer the both of us having been really busy, it seemed like we had something planned every weekend. Thank goodness for ical. We've celebrated birthdays, movie openings, and spent time with friends. The down side is that we haven't been able to spend as much quality time with each other. So we decided to get away from our area and travel far away to celebrate our anniversary. Lincoln Road was our distant travel (gas prices= determining factor) we got a chance to sit down and enjoy each others company. We made it a point to turn off our cells phones and focus on one another. One of my favorite things about our relationship is the time we spending sharing things, talking, and listening. Thankfully we got a chance to do all to the point that we almost forgot to refill the meter. Thank you to all our friends who wished us a Happy Anniversary, we have loved having you share in our relationship. 

Ten days later the time has come as good friends of ours Alex, Kristel, and Anne Marie will be leaving us. I will miss them very much, but I know that God has a wonderful plan in store for each of them. Plus with all the upcoming weddings = short visits with them. I can't think of a better way to see them, other than partying it up at a wedding. I love you guys...see you soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My beautiful mother has been in Brazil visiting family for the past month now. I've been missing her like crazy, but thankfully we've kept in touch via phone but mostly through email. So I decided to email her about my birthday and how everything went. Instead of writing a long winded email I told her to read my blog. Being the supportive mother that she is, not only did she read it she wrote me back a comment via my email here it is:

Dear Lauren, a read your blog, but only one little thing is missing I bilieved a call to you early that day before everybody. love mom

What it should of said: Dear Lauren, I read your blog, but only one little thing was missing, I believe I was the first to call you early on your birthday before everybody else. love mom

I about died laughing reading and rereading the email. You see one of the things I love most about my mother is her "isms" or Ana"isms". You'd think that it was just her inability to write, but that's where your wrong my mother actually speaks like that, just add a somewhat strong Brazilian accent to it. Reading her email only made me miss her and love her even more. Funny thing is now you can see where I get it from...hopefully you enjoyed the laugh as much as I did.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Surprise Birthday Weekend

Friday morning was my 26th birthday and for some odd reason my body decided to wake up at the crack of dawn. All summer long I've been enjoying sleeping in till at least 10ish, but for some reason my body was more excited to be a year older than I was. Thankfully there was a wonderful surprise awaiting me. While I was waiting for everyone else in the world to wake up I managed to speak to Rey on ichat. Of course he wished me a happy birthday but successfully convinced me that he was at work. Little did I know that Anne and him were on their way to my house to surprise me. They took me to the best breakfast place ever..Original Pancake House( true goodness) if you don't agree, than I'm sorry you have horrible taste...I kid. Over breakfast the two of them revealed their weekend plans. They were taking me to Orlando to see Cirque du Soleil  La Nouba and Aquatica along with some friends of mine. 

Seeing that it was 7/11 free slurpees were in order which I gladly insisted on getting before we left. Not only did we receive free slurpees but we also got free food at Chick-fil- A. Only catch was we had to dress up like cows. So in good spirits we put on our best cow outfits and walked in their proudly. Thankfully we were greeted with loud cheers and was like they knew it was my day...I got free dessert plus a child's balloon. Being 26 was looking so bad after all. 

That night Anne introduced all of us to HuHot Mongolian Grill...all I have to say it was Glorious! Rey then whisked me off to Downtown Disney to see my favorite Cirque. I felt like a little kid on Christmas...I couldn't stop smiling. It really was A.D.D. at its finest for me. After the show we got a chance to spend some quality time with each other which I enjoyed thoroughly. The others decided to party it up at City Walk Universal. I heard that David got his groove on thanks to Anne and Merari. 

The next day we got a slow start seeing that we all had a late night out. Instead of leaving the hotel at 9am we slowly strolled out by a astonishing time of 10:05 am. I was really looking forward to Sea World's new water park Aquatica. Not only did they have my favorite ride, the lazy river (yep doesn't take much to please me), they had a rapids river what more could I ask for. So we arrive at Aquatica only to read the sign "filled to capacity will reopen at 3pm." WHAT!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes nor could anyone else. I honestly think Uribe was most disappointed, I heard he really pushed this particular theme park. Since we couldn't attend Aquatic we decided to head over to Blizzard Beach since nobody else but David and myself were the only ones who had been there before. We had a great time... Anne's facial expressions summed it up perfectly. A little cold rain and wind couldn't keep us back from celebrating my birthday.

On our drive home I had a chance to reflect on this wonderful occasion. I was thankful God gave me another year of life to enjoy, and such great friends and family around to experience things with. I am so grateful to Rey, Anne, Merari, Yan, and David for taking time out to spend with me. Alex & Kristel you were missed but I completely understand why. Thank you so much for my gift the card was the best part. Val and Berto I'm sorry you weren't able to attend due to technical difficulties (its what we'll call it) you both were missed as well. To everyone else thank you for the many birthday wishes, keeping secrets, and presents in order to make my birthday truly a memorable one. 

Rey- Thank You, there is not much more that I can say other than I love you. I look forward to many more celebrations to come. 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

All Things American

While out and about this holiday weekend I took notice of things that truly signify All-American.

1 Best of all American rock songs 105.9

2. 4th of July concerts

3. Apple pie

4. Watching fireworks

5. Eating fried chicken with your fingers!

6. Enjoying star shaped cookies

7. Grown men dressed head to toe in the American flag

8. Spelling words things with sparklers

9. Drinking Apple Cider

10. Fishing

11. Playing board games with family

12. Parades on t.v.

13. Spending quality time with friends and family

14. Small flags everywhere

15. Uncle Sam on stilts

Sadly this wonderful weekend came to a close but I'm glad it was packed with fun filled activities. Thanks to everyone especially Alex for saving the 4th.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kids and their Reasoning

This video crack me up everytime. I finally decided to post if after several friends request. Hope you get a kick out of it.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Personal Shopper

Oddly enough my first adventure of the summer came as a surprise to me, I was a personal shopper. I got a phone call from a good friend asking for help in his shopping extravaganza. Basically, he needed a female's opinion and expertise might I add in order to complete his so called mission...dressing 101. I was more than happy to oblige him since I was doing absolutely NOTHING and was looking for new and exciting things to accomplish this summer. Apparently I can cross this one off my list, personal shopper for one-check. The best part was I completely impressed myself with my talent not to mention my lovely client as well. We were finished within an hour or so. I managed to critique quickly, scour rapidly, and rack up amazing sales. I must say I would hire myself..minor detail I already do that regularly. So if anyone would like to embark on another adventure with me this summer let me know I have plenty to accomplish, just not quite sure what that exactly is just yet.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Its been at least a month and some days now since I've last blogged. With the wrapping up of work, and the month of Kristel (whom I love), I really had little to no time at all. Now that I've been home on vacation, I feel so uninspired to write anything. Of course I've been active, sleeping, eating, watching tv, and the occasional getting out of the house. Shoot with gas prices soaring who really wants to go anywhere. 

I do have a list of items that I want to accomplish this summer, however I have yet to look at that list. So if anyone would like to help inspire me call me up and lets make plans. I seem to have all the time in the world. Till then I'll blog about my many adventures to come.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Morning Laughs

So everyone morning at work I get a chance to read the comics section of the paper. I look forward to starting my day off in a good mood. No other comic makes me laugh more than this one. I know...I know you have already heard me rant about this comic strip before, but I can't help it...its funny. Hope you can get a kick of out these as much as I do. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hopeless Romantic

Last night I went to go see my first Opera entitled La Boheme. You see I  have always loved the arts since I was a child, and lately I've been making it a point to soak up as much of it as I can. In the past few weeks I've visited, plays, musicals, museums, dance performances, art show, and now an opera. 

I pretty much knew what to expect, which mind you is not a woman with a viking hat on and braids belting out her vocals to the audience. I knew that it would be in a language I did not understand but the story of the opera would lend itself a hand. Thank goodness that there were subtitles not only in English but in Spanish as well. Although the subtitles were on a screen above the stage, the great seats Merari and I scored (five rows from the stage) more than made up for it. 

The tragic love story took the both of us on a joyful ride, through laughter, sarcasm, wit, and of course poetry lines that make anyone want to be in love(Thankfully I am).  La Boheme only reminded me of what a hopeless romantic that I am.  Both of us discussed how nice it would be to dance under the stars, enjoy candle lit dinners, night walks on the beach, etc. you get the picture. Hollywood has done a fabulous job of feeding us romantics great scenes and romances that only stir up our imagination. Of course, at the end of the opera even knowing what was going to happen thanks to the synopsis, I still cried.  These things get me every time, somehow I find myself relating to them as if I were one of the characters.

All I can say is, if you love the arts and are willing to try something new, than give the opera a try. Its about an experience and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Paula- Thanks for the tickets wish you could of joined us...

Sunday, April 27, 2008


1. I'm out of the boot my doctor put me, and couldn't be more happier. I know that my doc probably wouldn't approve seeing he doesn't know it yet, but soon will.

2. I got a chance this past thursday to support the Arts. David and his other classmates displayed their lovely art work at the Mu-Dai show at the Freedom Tower. I must admit therewere some interesting pieces, some that I honestly didn't understand. If your interested you should check it out at:

3. Friday after work I met up with my best friend to see the Hugh Jackman flick Deception.  Now the both of us are huge Hugh fans, but unfortunately this wasn't one of his greatest films. This is right above his movie Scoop. Needless to say we still enjoyed the movie due to the fact that we get to see the villain side of Hugh.

4. Yesterday, I attended Anne's Graduation Party. We took part in the burning of all her college papers, watching Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, and of course good laughs and great food.

5. Lastly, today I got a chance to hang out with some friends whom I haven't really had a chance to just sit down and talk with. Afterwards I spent the day at home bonding with my lovely family which I've missed. Its funny how the things that annoy you most about your family are things you miss most about them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trouble Yet Again

Funny thing happened today...ok maybe not so funny. I was playing soccer at work and while demonstrating a specific move I came down on my left ankle. Of course my ankle didn't feel like supporting me yet again, so it decided to roll under and produce a loud "pop" noise.  You see my left ankle and I have been through torn ligaments, several sprains, and bruises on upon bruises. I'm guessing my ankle has had absolutely enough and just decided not come to my rescue. (I think its mad at me....hence the throbbing pain and swelling) Thankfully a co-worker of mine drove me to the hospital to get an x-ray and to see the doctor. Diagnosis: Sever sprain, I'm in an air cast and on crutches. Good news I'm out for two days, Bad news I have no clue what I'm going to do with myself. I go back to see another doctor on Thursday to asses the severity of the situation. Hopefully, my ankle and I will have made an amends by then and I will be cleared to work. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mom, Tia, & Me

Tonight I decided it was time to spend some family bonding time. My mother has been on my case lately about never spending time with her or the family. I'd normally push her comments to the side until I realized how busy I've become. My priorities were out of line. I had managed to place other events and people ahead of my family. I knew that I was missing my family more and more but couldn't seem to say no to everything else. However, today after work I decided to cook dinner for my mother and tia. I knew today was the only real day that the girls could just bond over movies and good laughs. So I came home and cooked a Mozzarella Chicken, Asparagus, and a Pineapple Lush Cake. It had been awhile since I was last in the kitchen cooking, and seeing that I'm in charge of Easter dinner, I figured it was time to experiment with new recipes. Once dinner was ready my mother cut into the first chicken breast and just smiled. The real test came with my tia tasting the meal. If anyone knows my aunt then you would know she complains about everything and always has something to comment about. So it was time, she took a bite of the chicken and then the asparagus and said nothing. I didn't quite know if that was a good sign or she was just being nice since I cooked dinner unexpectedly. Finally words came out of her mouth, she really liked it...for once, aaaah a moment of relief. After dinner we enjoyed dessert while watching a brazilian novella and laughing at the ridiculousness of the show.  I really enjoyed this evening with my mother and tia. It had been a long time since we really sat down and laughed together and I'm glad I did today.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Creative Minds

Last week I visited a friend of mine's little sister whom I adore, Ariana. While at Miami Children's Hospital we had a little creative project to master. The volunteer group called Radio Lolipop  stopped by Ariana's room and asked if we wanted to participate in a contest. Basically all we had to do was create an accordion with a picture inside.  So my thought was to draw a first place ribbon in side with music notes in the background as a joke, turns out we got first place after all. Creative minds working together equals success. Ariana won some bath & body works lotion and some funny classes, which we choose to wear. Thankfully Ariana is home, doing well, and getting back into the swing of things.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Garden Tour

Anne Marie wanted to go on this garden tour around Miami today, however nobody was really into the idea of accompanying her so I decided to join her. So I wake up and throw on my typical saturday attire (t-shirt and jeans) and head out the door. As Anne and myself park at our first house to visit we noticed how out of place we were. Basically we were amongst the rich and elite of Miami. All the ladies were dressed in what I would call sunday attire with their sun hats, top of the line jewelry, and accessories. We enter the first house and WOW! came to mind. The main room was bigger than my actual house. As we toured the house we snuck in some pictures. At the end of the tour we realized how hot is was and Anne got this lovely idea of getting sun hats to blend in with the crowd. Off to target which turned into make over Lauren for Anne Marie. She made me try on some interesting outfits. Once we gathered the hats and my new get up we headed out on the rest of the tour. The best part was I decided to play the role of being a young rich socialite. My favorite part of the day was our so called "tram ride" or as the rest of us would call a golf cart. We got a tour of a private residence which has been turned into a Palm Tree research center. The 120 acre lot was gorgeous and it got Anne and myself thinking of how God created everything in just a few days. I was able to take in the beauty of God's creation and think what is one thing in general that absolutely takes my breath away...the ocean.

My question to you is: what takes your breath away?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pearls before Swine

Thanks to Merari I have spent hours laughing 
while reading this comic strip. 

Friday, March 7, 2008

Think Twice

You may want to think twice about using lemons....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Let the Count Down Begin

It's official, there is less than 70 days until my summer vacation kicks off.  I've been toying with some ideas of what to do this summer, here's what I got thus far:

Bush Gardens (its been 10 yrs)
Travel as much as possible
Celebrate my 26th (no clue as to how)
Spend time with loved ones
See a couple of musicals
Visit the children's museum
Hopefully catch a concert 
Visit Salvador Dali's Exhibit in St. Pete
Go Camping 

...if you have any ideas fill me in.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Louisville Weekend

Was greeted by Rey in the airport
Had lunch at a Texas restaurant (in Louisville go figure)
Put Rey's sofa together while he attempted to drop it on me
Got a campus tour (loved the campus quad; "thought of streaking through the quad"-Old School)
Got ready for our Valentine's dinner
Ate at Ruth Chris (Gorgeous view of the city)
Watched Juno-loved the one liners great movie
Enjoyed each others company and caught up with everything


Went to the Louisville Slugger Museum 
Beat Rey in the batting cages
Took a tour of the Ohio River and Louis &Clark Explorers
Went to Churchill Downs (Kentucky Derby)
Saw my first miniature horse (Hairy one at that)
Ventured into Indiana not a great idea
Had desert with Rey's cousin Rene and his wife Julie (great laughs)


Visited Nineth & O (nice service)
Checked out two malls (odd part they are less than 1 mile apart) 
Went back to church this time at Sojurn (very interesting; zealish so to speak)
Watched about a boy 


I took a self tour of Louisville without the Garmin (never got lost once)
Met back up with Rey after he studied and decided to kill time and see a movie
Made our trip to the Airport (wasn't ready to leave)
Cried yet again couldn't stop the tears but this time I was leaving him
*I had a wonderful time this past weekend. I'm very thankful for the time we got share and I'm looking forward to seeing him again.
*Forgot to mention: Louisville has this strange fetish of art work around the city of painted horses. Check it out. Photos of our weekend

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Game of Tag

This week's small group study got me thinking about life’s fears that hinder our ability to live out God’s plan for our lives. The question that still lingers in my mind is: Do you chase fear or does fear chase you?

In my life fear and I are always playing a game of tag you’re it. Just when I think that I’ve finally tagged fear and won, it has a funny way of tagging me right back. Unfortunately, it's much quicker than I am. I tend to fear the typical things such as death, failure, disappointment etc.

The reason I believe that fear and I continually play this chasing game is simple: I ALLOW IT! I tend to sulk in my misfortunes, problems, and struggles. Satan constantly wants us to be reminded of our failures time and time again. If we continually focus on the negative then its one less time we are focusing our eyes on the Lord. A small victory for Satan that can potentially lead to landslide sweep.

God puts is simply for us GRACE. He has provided for those of us who have accepted his amazing gift of grace, forgiveness, and salvation.

So what can we do to officially tag out fear?

Scripture is there for a reason, applying it to your life tends to be the difficult part. For example, Romans 12:2 keeps appearing regularly lately and yet I constantly struggle with sulking.

“Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of  your mind” (Rm 12:2)

The Lord has many blessings and opportunities for our lives, its up to us to accept them. However, how can we accept them if we are constantly dwelling on the negative and allowing fear to win our battles.

I’ll end with this James 4:7;

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

*Alex great job this week, Anne Marie you were missed!



Sunday, February 3, 2008


About a month or so ago my lovely closet decided to give out on me. After putting it off for some time I finally decided that this weekend was it. Time to take on my closet. My weekend pretty much looked liked this:

Friday Night:
Placed all clothes fromt he floor into my parents room
Knocked down form closet supports (quite fun, great way to relieve stress)
Made a Home Depot run for supplies
Patched up holes in the wall

Got up no breakfast went to work
Sanded the walls down
Went to Home Depot again for paint
Painted the closet
Went to the county dump to get rid of the old closet parts
Began assembling the closet
Had to stop and go pick up my dad from the airport
Drilled countless holes (in which one went through the living room wall..will fix later)
Started to install the closet
Still havent eaten anything its now 6:30 pm
Quickly took a shower
Went to Artie's 50th Birthday party (finally ate)
Came home around 9:30pm
Continued to work on closet
Finished assembling all extras 12:00am

Woke up missed church (However I did church online, Mosaic)
Began putting clothes back into the closet
Continued on rearranging closet
Anally placed things in color order
Finish closet
Showered went to Rey's for the Superbowl
Left Rey's to meet up with Yannick for his Birthday in Coral Gables
Watched the Giants win (Made a complete fool of myself in the restuarant screaming)
Finally got home to rela and of course fix minor things.

All in all it was a very productive weekend, and I'm proud of my beautiful closet. Now all I need is a little R&R to make it through my long and hetic week.

Maravilhas de Amazonas

My father just got back from a two week trip in Brazil. He spent the first week doing missions work in Manuas and then he spent the last week with my family in Rondonia. He took a picture of these two rivers that run side by side of each other. I know it doesn't sound interesting, however, one river is brownish and the other black, and yet they don't mix. I've heard about this river from my family but have never had the chance to see it up close. Check it out...its pretty cool!      

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Ode to Mom

While lying in bed sick and in pain all I could think about was calling my mommy. Yep, that's right this twenty-five year old has no shame in calling for her mommy. It got me thinking of all the times my mother has come to my rescue when I'm knee deep in vomit, or curled up in a ball in pain, to even just a slight fever. There is just something about a mother's touch that makes the world of difference. I could think back to all the times she would have me lay on her lap and play with my hair along with coqitas on my back in order to distract me from all the familiar uncomfortable aches. Oh how I wished today would have been one of those moments. Thankfully my mother knew that when I called asking for chicken noodle soup, that once again I was in need of her tender loving care. Sometimes my mother laughs at me thinking of how am I going to survive without her when I get married. SIMPLE I'm flying her up instantly no questions asked. I figure its much better than having her live with my husband and I. Honestly though I know that no one compares to my mothers care taking, but I'm sure she will give my loving husband to be a "How to Manual" in order for him to survive my needy moments.

Mom- thanks for all the extra hours you've put in, and the countless amount of love you have shown me. I just pray that I can in the future measure up to what you have done for me. I love You!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rey is HOT!

                                       Wait it gets better...and the back says

                                    ...and I completely do, more than words!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Love language

Lately I've been hearing Merari and Anne Marie speak of this thing called "Your Love Language," and of course I listened as if I completely understood their madness. Eventually, they took time out to explain to me the different love languages. Apparently, there are 5 languages or as I like to call them categories that individuals fit into. I figured my two were quality time and personal touch, and the over eager beaver inside of me thought, I could be the only one who met all five languages, and then I snapped out of my diluted world (which is nice I might add) and decided to take the quiz. Of course I was right all along or at least mostly right, anyways who's counting. (Rey no comment)

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is probably
Physical Touch
with a secondary love language being
Quality Time.

Complete set of results

Physical Touch: 9
Quality Time: 8
Words of Affirmation: 7
Acts of Service: 3
Receiving Gifts: 3


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

Sunday, January 20, 2008


This past Friday had to be one of the hardest transitions I’ve had to endure. Brigitte and I drove Rey and his father to the airport, as he was embarking on a new adventure in his life called seminary. I had been dreading that moment for weeks and finally it had come and I of course I wasn’t ready. For days leading up to Friday I was an emotional wreck trying to hide it from Rey since he had enough on his mind the last thing he needed was to worry about me. Unfortunately I broke in front of Rey and didn’t want him to see my pain. Thankfully I was able to go a couple of days without completely breaking down, until that dread moment arose. As I kissed Rey goodbye I tried so hard to hold back the tears but I couldn’t, it was like trying to stop a damn with a piece of gum, impossible.

I know this transition is necessary in order for Rey to become the man the Lord has in store for him. I’m confident that he will accomplish many things and grow even stronger with his walk in the Lord. My prayer for him is that the Lord will continue to protect him, and guide him through the many obstacles that await, and give him the strength to press on with times get rough.

As for me, I know that in time things will get better and the tears will begin to dry up, however right now everything reminds me of him. It’s the oddest thing, I will drive past something and all of a sudden I can recall a complete conversation Rey and I had at that specific moment. The oddity of that statement is I can barely remember what I did the day before. So you could only image what kind of tricks my mind is playing on me. Talking to him is particularly hard since I look forward to hearing his voice and connecting with him, but hanging up is difficult to do. I know it’s coming when we’ll say our goodbyes and yet the tears will begin to run down my face once again.

I just want to say thank you to all who have been there for me and have allowed me to cry on your shoulder, and drag me out so that I’m not home sulking. I love you all.

Rey, I love you more than words can express and I miss you terribly…I’m looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Till then I will cherish our many talks.