Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mom, Tia, & Me

Tonight I decided it was time to spend some family bonding time. My mother has been on my case lately about never spending time with her or the family. I'd normally push her comments to the side until I realized how busy I've become. My priorities were out of line. I had managed to place other events and people ahead of my family. I knew that I was missing my family more and more but couldn't seem to say no to everything else. However, today after work I decided to cook dinner for my mother and tia. I knew today was the only real day that the girls could just bond over movies and good laughs. So I came home and cooked a Mozzarella Chicken, Asparagus, and a Pineapple Lush Cake. It had been awhile since I was last in the kitchen cooking, and seeing that I'm in charge of Easter dinner, I figured it was time to experiment with new recipes. Once dinner was ready my mother cut into the first chicken breast and just smiled. The real test came with my tia tasting the meal. If anyone knows my aunt then you would know she complains about everything and always has something to comment about. So it was time, she took a bite of the chicken and then the asparagus and said nothing. I didn't quite know if that was a good sign or she was just being nice since I cooked dinner unexpectedly. Finally words came out of her mouth, she really liked it...for once, aaaah a moment of relief. After dinner we enjoyed dessert while watching a brazilian novella and laughing at the ridiculousness of the show.  I really enjoyed this evening with my mother and tia. It had been a long time since we really sat down and laughed together and I'm glad I did today.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Creative Minds

Last week I visited a friend of mine's little sister whom I adore, Ariana. While at Miami Children's Hospital we had a little creative project to master. The volunteer group called Radio Lolipop  stopped by Ariana's room and asked if we wanted to participate in a contest. Basically all we had to do was create an accordion with a picture inside.  So my thought was to draw a first place ribbon in side with music notes in the background as a joke, turns out we got first place after all. Creative minds working together equals success. Ariana won some bath & body works lotion and some funny classes, which we choose to wear. Thankfully Ariana is home, doing well, and getting back into the swing of things.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Garden Tour

Anne Marie wanted to go on this garden tour around Miami today, however nobody was really into the idea of accompanying her so I decided to join her. So I wake up and throw on my typical saturday attire (t-shirt and jeans) and head out the door. As Anne and myself park at our first house to visit we noticed how out of place we were. Basically we were amongst the rich and elite of Miami. All the ladies were dressed in what I would call sunday attire with their sun hats, top of the line jewelry, and accessories. We enter the first house and WOW! came to mind. The main room was bigger than my actual house. As we toured the house we snuck in some pictures. At the end of the tour we realized how hot is was and Anne got this lovely idea of getting sun hats to blend in with the crowd. Off to target which turned into make over Lauren for Anne Marie. She made me try on some interesting outfits. Once we gathered the hats and my new get up we headed out on the rest of the tour. The best part was I decided to play the role of being a young rich socialite. My favorite part of the day was our so called "tram ride" or as the rest of us would call a golf cart. We got a tour of a private residence which has been turned into a Palm Tree research center. The 120 acre lot was gorgeous and it got Anne and myself thinking of how God created everything in just a few days. I was able to take in the beauty of God's creation and think what is one thing in general that absolutely takes my breath away...the ocean.

My question to you is: what takes your breath away?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pearls before Swine

Thanks to Merari I have spent hours laughing 
while reading this comic strip. 

Friday, March 7, 2008

Think Twice

You may want to think twice about using lemons....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Let the Count Down Begin

It's official, there is less than 70 days until my summer vacation kicks off.  I've been toying with some ideas of what to do this summer, here's what I got thus far:

Bush Gardens (its been 10 yrs)
Travel as much as possible
Celebrate my 26th (no clue as to how)
Spend time with loved ones
See a couple of musicals
Visit the children's museum
Hopefully catch a concert 
Visit Salvador Dali's Exhibit in St. Pete
Go Camping 

...if you have any ideas fill me in.