Monday, October 29, 2007

Mini Me

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend time with my Merari. After church we decided to have Thai for lunch. So we pull up to Bangkok Bangkok only to find out its closed. But thanks to our quick decision making and sense of smell we were able to find this incredible place to eat. “Off The Grill” was this little Spanish restaurant off of 125th ave and Kendall. We were amazed to find awesome food and portion sizes for such cheap prices. As we devoured our food, we enjoyed the Mana concert on DVD, and then the sweet sounds of Sade. Of course we engaged in the typical girl talk. It was then that I realized how much Merari was like a mini version of me without the loud voice but made up for with her incredible spunk. It was funny; I could picture in my head a filmstrip of future events we would par-take in. Laughing sinisterly at people when they fall or get hurt (I know its mean but you would laugh at first too), or dancing under the stars during a jazz concert (she knows how to sweep me off my feet) this is just a small glimpse into my filmstrip. All in all yesterday was time well spent.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Needed Laugh

This week has been particularly crazy for me. I know some of you are wondering how much crazier could things possibly get? Outside of my hectic schedule of working with clueless individuals and dealing with hormonal children all day, I managed to tack on a soccer tournament with high school girls which involved getting up at the crack of dawn.(actually earlier than that) Things got so bad that there were times I forgot to eat and add in sleep, which hellooo! are two of my favorite things to do. Don't worry I'm not trying some weird new diet, although it seems that way since my shorts are falling to my knees. It got to the point that I was writing on my hand food which may seem ridiculous, but even that method failed me. Thankfully though I made it through it, how exactly I cannot explain. One thing that brought my spirits up was this video sent to me from a co-worker of mine. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thanks Kristel for the monthly reminder...I'll try harder this month please no wrath...I beg of you.