Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mad Dash

This upcoming weekend my mother, aunt Mickey, and myself will be taking a road trip up to Louisville. You might be thinking wait you're moving already, but don't get your britches in a bundle. Since Rey and I acquired some of our gifts at the engagement party we thought it would be wise to start moving it up, plus it was another excuse for me to see Rey. 

After Rey moved into our new apartment this past week, we noticed our place looked a little on the empty side, so Ikea it was. Yesterday my mother, aunt, and myself ventured over to the land of European wonder. Upon arrival we discovered that there were only 3 left of our love seat. My aunt said we better make a run for it. Before I knew it we were off on a mad dash  like that of Supermarket Sweeps. I used to love watching that show. Luckily we found our love seat and only two were left. My mother on the other hand was no where to be found, which meant my aunt an I had to lift, move, and pack the sofa ourselves. Mission accomplished! Now we could go back and look around, enjoy our time, and grab our last item the TV stand. After 3 hours at IKEA I picked up some noble tips:

-wear tennis shoes (flip flops just slide around when moving heavy furniture)
-have time and patience (in other words don't go when they are having a promotion)
-think outside the box (book stand on its side makes for a cool coffee table or TV stand)
-be ready to spend (once you see all your options you want it all)
-take advantage of the store (aka seat on the furniture when tired...test it out wink wink)
-make use of their employees (there is something to be said about men moving furniture)

Now comes the fun part, trying to pack our furniture, gifts, and ourselves in the car for a long 17 hour car ride. This should make for an interesting blog post. Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Engagement Party

Since Rey and I have been running around like looney tunes trying to get errands done while he was in town, I postponed writing blogs for two weeks. Now that things are back in the swing of things I can find time to sit, relax, and write.

Before Christmas Rey's loving parents threw us an engagement party inviting all of our dearest friends and family. I know we had a blast spending time with people we haven't seen in awhile, and catching up on moments we missed. Our only complaint the next day was, we wished we could of spent more time with people. I constantly felt like I was table hoping from one group to another. To those of you that I didn't get a chance to really invest my time with I'm sorry and I do appreciate you being there. Rey and I are luck to have you in our lives and hope that the Lord continues to pour blessing into your lives. 

Great food (paella), good conversation, and hours of laughs, Rey and I were spent. Who knew how exhausting it would be taking on the role of center of attention to everyone. Even for me who's and extreme extrovert was wiped out, I can only image our wedding day. Thank you to all who attended and making our day special. 

Friday, January 2, 2009

I promise...

I know its been ages since my last blog, and many of you having been asking me to names Kristel :) Honestly, I've been enjoying my time with Rey and family and blogging just hasn't been a priority of mine. I promise that once I return to my regular routine I will have plenty to blog. Happy New Year to all and may the Lord continue to bless your families. 

.....see you soon!