Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aspiring Photographer

Goofing around with Merari last weekend, we had the opportunity to take some silly photo shots. I thought it would be great for her to gain more experience and practice with her photography. The whole time we were laughing and fooling around trying not to draw any any attention to ourselves. However, I mostly was making fun of super models and their ridiculous poses especially when they crawl on the floor pretending to be some furious animal (grrrr.....). I never thought much of the pictures when we left. I told her have fun with them and do as you please. To my delight she really surpassed my expectations. Here I was thinking the whole time this poor child will never get anything beneficial from all my commotions. I must say GREAT JOB!!! I encourage anyone to spend some quality time with this aspiring photographer.

Merari my hat tips off to your tremendous work :) 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Back into the Swing of Things

Like always after every summer comes the adjustment period of getting back into the swing of things. I been trying to get used to the brutal awakening of 6am alarm beeping, 14 hour days that seem to never end, and added on stress levels. I guess in time my body will start to warm up to the idea of functioning before 9 am, seeing that my job kind of depends on my functioning abilities. Till then I am trying out new strategies of getting my body into a routine. I've decided to get myself back into shape, its a trying process in which I am dreading everyday. Thankfully others have more faith in me than I do, which in an odd way motivates me and allows my competitive side to come out. I'm just hoping that I see results soon, cause we all know how patient I am.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Translation Gone Wrong

The other day at work I learned an interesting lesson with languages. You see I can speak and understand portuguese, however my spanish is another story. Here is an example of what  I mean:

Child #1: Como se dice "Free Play" in Espanol?
Me: I don't know let me think (obviously said in spanish)
Child #2: Free Play of course (said sarcastically)

In my head I'm thinking, I know the word for play and free why not give it a try.

Me: Free Play es Juegar Gratis
Child # 2 &3: Haaaaaa....thats not right (as they die of laughter)

So I ask a co-worker of mine who is hispanic what the translation would be since I've already gone wrong. I tell her what I said and she smiled and chuckled slightly. 

Co-worker: Juegar Libre
Child #1: Ay Ok..gracias
Me: Oh that's right, "Free"has more than one translation, of course that was the better option. Lesson learned and noted.

Monday, September 1, 2008

At Last...It's Here!

Saturday while running around with Merari, we came across a favorite little place called Pollo Campero. That was the spot to be while in Guatemala on a missions trip. That's right when it was announced we were heading out on the town that meant Pollo Campero time. Seriously it beats our KFC here in the states. At last it has landed here in Miami of course only in Calle Ocho area, but I'll take it. Anyone who wants to join in on some good eating, just call me up.